Do you have a business conflict, but prefer not to start legal proceedings? Or do you have a workplace conflict that you would like to resolve without going to court?

HJ mediators will help you find a solution. They firmly believe that a problem shared is a problem solved. They are solution-oriented, pragmatic and quickly get to the heart of the dispute. No complicated and unnecessarily long-winded mediation but a creative and pragmatic process that helps you resolve your conflict fast.


In their law and advisory practices, HJ mediators have gained many years of experience with solution-oriented counselling in conflicts. Examples are employment law disputes, disputes between shareholders and disputes about commercial contracts.

Our mediators’ background lies in the legal profession. This means they are well aware of the possible business and commercial interests at stake.

In addition, HJ Mediators can call on a network of experienced and specialised mediators who have trained as accountants or civil law notaries, speak several languages and are seasoned entrepreneurs, managing or supervisory directors.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which an independent and impartial mediator assists the parties in resolving their dispute. The interests of both parties are key. The mediator reboots communication between the parties, so they can reach a solution quickly. A solution of their choosing and one that works for both parties.

What are the advantages of mediation?

  • Fast and considerably more cost-effective than litigation.
  • High success rate: three two-hour mediation meetings on average.
  • The parties make the rules, which allows for creative solutions.
  • The parties mutually agree on the outcome, which makes it more likely to work.
  • Once mediation is completed, the relationship between the parties has usually improved.

Our specialties

Mediation is suitable for any type of conflict as long as all parties are willing to commit and are prepared to collaborate. HJ Mediators specialise in business and workplace conflicts.

Our mediators are entrepreneurs, and hold positions as managing directors or supervisory directors.

Their experience as lawyers, civil law notaries and accountants has provided them with the knowledge to help you sort out your conflict.

Mediation in workplace conflicts

The workplace can be a breeding ground for different types of conflict, for instance between co-workers, or in case of a restructuring. Conflicts can create situations that are difficult for both employees and employers, like tension on the work floor, higher absenteeism rates or even dismissal proceedings.

As a rule, these types of conflicts are easily resolved in just a few mediation meetings.

HJ Mediation can help you reach a lasting outcome that is acceptable to all parties involved.

Mediation in business conflicts

Business conflicts are often conflicts of interests. The interests of entrepreneurs, directors or shareholders may be at odds, creating escalating conflicts. Conflicts that cost too much time, too much energy and too much money.

Mediation is a way to resolve such conflicts quickly and cost-effectively. The parties work together to reach a solution that works for all. Mediation could also facilitate negotiations and enable the parties to get back to business as soon as possible.

HJ Mediation will help you find the solution that suits you.

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